Bentonite Clay Paste

#41 Water based Bentonite Clay Mineral Paste/Salve – This been tonight clay water-based paste is great for the skin For facials and four body wraps and mud baths. Use it on your skin externally while doing a facial or even a body wrap.

Because this Bentonite clay-based paste has powerful drawing and cleansing affects. It can be covered with a damp dressing to prevent drying, or it can be allowed to dry if drawing properties or necessary and desired.

Take this paste and mix it with your favorite essential oil like peppermint, lemon balm, lavender, or even CBD oil. Start your pamper party with a glass of wine, your favorite smoothie, and a deep facial, hair, and body cleanse with this Bentonite clay-based paste and watch your skin thank you later. Remove dead skin cells and open your pores with a dry skin brush before applying to your skin.

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